Ancient Messene

History is revealed in an idyllic setting, just 30 kilometers from Kalamata. Boasting its exquisite location and the fact that it has been so well preserved over the centuries, Ancient Messene or Messini still stands out as a historic site of unsurpassed value. It is worth visiting the place, so as to take a glimpse at the magnificent remains of the past in a landscape that will blow your mind.

Ancient Messene was established in 369 BC by the glorious Theban General, Epameinondas. It is located just next to the picturesque village of Mavromati. What draws the attention and makes the whole site stand out amongst similar structures is the fact that all the buildings and formations have got the same orientation. The fortification that surrounded the whole site stretched to an outstanding length of 9 kilometers.

Once you set your foot in Ancient Messene, you will be amazed at the magnitude and great preservation of all the structures there. You will see sanctuaries, the Asclepion and tombs, the Ancient Theatre boasting with its magnificence and a lot of public buildings. Even now the archaeologists continue on discovering new things and this is of course exceptional, always in search of more details about the way the locals lived back in time.

All the excavations are on display at the museum, which is located west of Mavromati. There are two levels composing the museum, offering a wide selection of exhibitions for guests to enjoy. You can choose to buy a ticket for both the site and the museum of Ancient Messene or alternatively buy tickets for other attractions as well (apart from these two, you will be able to visit Kalamata Castle, the Museums of Mourtzinoi and Messenia).


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