Kalamata Ypapanti Church

If you visit Kalamata, you cannot help but admire the emblematic Cathedral at the historic center of the city. It stands out proudly and offers the opportunity to pilgrimage to pray and enjoy its magnificent architecture and imposing elegance. Every traveler gets filled with awe and respect, as soon as he reaches this gorgeous example of fine architecture and stunning beauty right in the very heart of Kalamata.

The Cathedral was built in 1839 and it is called Ypapanti tou Sotiros or else Presentation of the Savior. It is an oversized church that is superbly located within walking distance from other sights and attractions of the area. Inside, there are many important icons with the most prominent one being that of Panagia.

On 2nd February every year there is a great celebration in Kalamata, since Panagia Ypapanti protects the city. People from all over the city and the villages and settlements nearby flock the historic center of Kalamata to celebrate and pray. The bells ring vividly and the pilgrims get candles lit, so as to show their gratitude and respect towards the holy presence. This is definitely an event worth taking part in at least once.

Whether you believe in God or any superior presence, Ypapanti Church is a true gem of the city of Kalamata. It will offer you the opportunity to see a cathedral that has been carefully created as an architectural wonder, hosting one of the most important icons all over Greece.

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