Sparta is the capital of Laconia and a prominent city, ever since antiquity. In fact, it was the most important city state millennia ago and the only rival to Athens and its monarchy. The city of Sparta has always been world renowned for the excellent skills of the people in battle, as well as their plain lifestyle. In fact, when somebody does not speak too much and sticks to what really matters, he is described as being laconic. As for the plain diet and routine, this is called Spartan way of life.

From the depths of history, Leonidas has been a symbol of bravery along with his 300 soldiers. They marched to their death, defending Sparta and Greece as a whole from the conquerors from Persian Empire who went on to threaten them. So the statue of Leonidas is the number one emblematic attraction for travelers to Sparta, as well as the finish line of the marathon called Spartathlon.

Mystras is one of the most picturesque places you can visit while in Sparta. You will be amazed at the stone buildings and cobbled pathways; a castle town where the Emperors walked and took life-changing decisions about democracy and freedom. Then, the Acropolis and the Ancient Theatre of Sparta shows everything that remains from this exemplary, prominent civilization of the past.

You may also visit the Archaeological Museum of Sparta and the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil. The latter is especially important, as it praises one of the fundamental elements of life in Greece over time. For those who feel adventurous and wish to test their limits, Taygetus Mountains are a great place for you to hike and climb. The landscape is purely mesmerizing, as the mountain stands tall in its magnitude and allures you right from the start.

These are just few of the things you should do, while you are visiting Sparta – a visit not to be missed out!  

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